Looking At And Comparing CBD Products

One of the hottest developments in over-the-counter medicine is the recent approval of CBD and oils containing it for sale without a prescription. Previously, it was restricted and a subject of some controversy because it is derived from hemp plants. The same genus includes the species responsible for street marijuana as well as the species used for industrial hemp. The European species used for rope and clothing is also a source of CBD.

In comparison to THC, the ingredient that was recently approved is not considered to be a psychoactive drug or a hallucinogen. It is used mainly for pain relief, although it has other properties such as improving mood and relaxation. It does this without being addictive or altering the brain in such a way as to cause nasty side effects. Thorough testing has proven its safety.

CBD is touted as an organic cure for pain and nervousness, but it is not necessarily superior to all other drugs because of its association with an organic product. Cannabis has a long history of being touted as a cure for health and bad farming practices. It is true that all cannabis plants produce a variety of compounds and have long been consumed for their dietary and medicinal properties. Cannabis has long been used to produce an oil infusion for treating topical pain. It is different from other pain relievers which might be preferable in many circumstances.

Because CBD is still a novelty drug, it is sold in organic stores rather than in conventional pharmacies. General stores might eventually stock this commodity, but because of its association with cannabis, it remains a niche product. For general pain relief, ibuprofen and its stronger cousin naproxen sodium are still very effective. For topical relief, older products might still relieve itching and minor pain while costing a fraction of the cost.

CBD often does come in the form of an oil or oil-based cream that might contain other organic extracts. These products are meant to provide a vitamin supplement to the skin as much as provide pain relief. The concept is holistic healing with herbal products rather than purchasing a drug that is only used topically when needed. CBD products are sold for frequent use.

As far as mood improvement, the drug has a long study with both humans and animals. It does not cause intoxication and the plant has been safely consumed for thousands of years to extract both nutrients and pain-relieving effects. Trials suggest there are some mental health benefits, although CBD is not recommended to replace tested and approved prescription psychiatric drugs.

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